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Poi are traditional Maori artistic props, apparently with religious significance. In recent years they have made their way to the UK as juggling props, and have proved extremely divisive among jugglers.

Poi are like bagpipes - done well, they can be very good, unfortunately they tend to be done badly by people who don't bother to learn more than the basics. If you really must give it a go, try a book that will teach you more than one move:

Following discussions on rec.juggling, Danny's mate Paul Seward created the humorous "League Against Poi" website. Sadly some people took it seriously - Paul received abusive e-mails and even death threats from some New Zealand poimongers.

Paul finally decided enough was enough and to take the site down when he realised that some people with anti-poi sentiments were citing it as a serious resource. The LAP site disappeared on 4 October 2000. This is a mirror of that site.

At Pauls request, it must be made clear that "the following page is a Joke, not to be taken seriously and not endorsed in any way or form by its original author."

If your soul has become worthless to you and you really want to give poi a go, at least follow the LAP Poi links to find out how to do it properly. And if you want to see how poi can be made more interesting, take a look at Baby Poi.

The League Against Poi

Welcome to the League Against Poi website. The home of all things anti about Poi on the web..

Theres not much here yet as Matt is still designing a better "official" logo. This site was knocked up in a couple of hours by myself (The one LP) - If you don't like it, go tell someone. feel free to boycot the site - no skin off my nose.

What is LAP?

The movement was started on the 18th June 2000, the day after "world apathy day (Juggling)" event held in the Lake District UK. The founder members are generally credited as being LP, Mini, Barnesy, and of course Matt, who came up with the name. (Something to do with dancers...) It follows the historic "Win $250 worth of POI equipment" thread on rec.juggling - (go to deja news and search for "rec.juggling poi $250" and you should find it.)

What are Poi?

Well, if you don't know, consider yourself lucky... You obviously havn't ever had it inflicted upon you. Lets start with some of the popular definitions for Poi shall we.

  • "Poi - Short for Pointless"
  • "Poi - Club Swinging for the grip impared and talentless"
  • "Poi - Pretty Obviously Irritating"

Poi are basically tennis balls tied to bits of string which Jugglers who don't have the skill level required for club swinging flail about themselves and pretend that it is infact a valid prop with its own tricks. (Although the only one anyone has sucessfully described to date is "Wrapping the poi arround your wrists inorder to make them shorter") - rocket science aint it.

Why do you hate them?

You really havn't seen them in action have you. Its one of those "skills" which is clearly more fun to do than it is to watch. To anyone observing Poi, its two tennis balls going round in circles, to anyone stood near the Poimonger its a health hazard. Youre likely to get a tennis ball in the face as the stinking hippy flailing the damn things about tries to cross their wrists over.

OK, I'm with you. What can I do about it?

One sugestion that was mentioned on rec.juggling was going up to poimongers and saying something along the lines of "Hey, thats really cool, but its kinda dangerous here could you take it outside please" - I can't see that working really, but hey, it was sugested by an american.

Time to vote...

You can now vote in our pol, powered by - Use your vote wisely...

League Against Poi - What do you think?
Poi are...


That about wraps it up for this page at the moment, watch this space...

Comming Soon...

More Poitastic Photos, A better logo that took slightly longer than 5 minuites with MS Paint to produce, and possibly a guestbook... if I can be bothered.

Stay tuned, Stay safe, and remember... Poimongers are evil people who eat little babies for breakfast - but not in a nice way.

This site was created by Little Paul - At some point.


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